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Infinite Rasa rules and guidelines.
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Community Guidelines

Post by Damuras » Fri Jul 15, 2016 9:28 am

At Infinite Rasa it is our mission to maintain a safe, active, family friendly environment. It is because of this goal that we have enacted the following "Community Guidelines". These guidelines will be enforced on all Infinite Rasa Services.

Forum, IRC, Discord and Social Network Conduct

1.1 Infinite Rasa is a family friendly environment. That being said: Bullying, Abuse, or Harassment will no be tolerated. Do not post any members real world information, even if you have their consent.

1.2 Sexually, racially, ethnically offensive, or illegal discussions are not allowed. Vulgar, Crude, Rude or Otherwise offensive language is not welcome in any way.

1.3 All content (text, links and images) should be completely appropriate. Do not post images or text associated with nudity or pornography. Do not post malicious content or links to such content.

1.4 All actions taken by Infinite Rasa Staff are final. If you believe that an action was taken incorrectly or unjustly please contact the board Administrator or a member of the ASF Military Police. Do not question a staff members authority and do not re-post locked or removed posts/threads. Disrespect to the Infinite Rasa Staff or its Contributors will not be tolerated. Disrespect is determined by the moderator, not the member.

1.5 Never attempt to access any Infinite Rasa service you do not have explicit permission to use. Hacking or abuse of our website, IRC, Discord or any other service will not be tolerated.

1.6 Spamming or Advertisements of any kind or nature are not allowed.

1.7 Trolling is not allowed. Trolling is defined as purposely attempting to evoke an emotional reaction out of another by means of being inappropriate. It is not welcome here.

1.8 Our official Discord Server is: Infinite Rasa. Server rules are enforced on this server.

1.9 Do not discuss illegal clients, torrets, warez or any other means of obtaining illegal copies of Infinite Rasa or any software.


2.1 Infinite Rasa and its forum software uses a warning system to track misconduct. It is similar to an infraction or a strike.

2.2 Warnings are issued at a Contributors' discretion, or specifically when you have violated a Community Guideline.

2.3 We operate on a 3 strike you're out policy. For every 3 warnings you get, a ban will be issued. Each ban will increase in length after a previous bans issue.

If you have questions about these guidelines or would like to offer feedback, please do not hesitate to contact a contributor.

Please note that while we will make it our utmost priority to update you when these guidelines are changed, you agree to check them regularly. By accessing Infinite Rasa you agree to follow these guidelines. You also understand that we obtain the right to take any action, at any time, for any reason, as we deem necessary for managing Infinite Rasa.